Let me start off by saying singleness is a gift not a curse. Everything has its season at the perfect time. Its the time you get to spend loving and getting to know yourself and growing into your fullest potential. Its also the time to let God mold you. Use this time to know God more and continue to equip yourself for marriage.

Single doesn’t always mean available. What’s in you is what’s going to come out of you regardless of who your with. Focus on getting whole. Learn to have a good time all by yourself. Enjoy yourself. Love yourself. Be enriched by Gods love that completes your heart. Dance like no ones watching. Sing like no ones listening. Enjoy your own company to the fullest!

You may still be single because God is restoring things in you to not be carried into your marriage and bring damage. And just because someone gives you attention doesn’t mean you’re meant to be. Slow down. Some people came into your life to be a lesson not a soulmate. Discern the difference. Paul was single his whole life and look at what He accomplished. Relationships don’t define your purpose. If you’re not happy being single, you’ll never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life first, then share it. Single is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live & enjoy life without being co-dependent on others. Being single means you can be happy on your own before you can be happy with someone else.

That being said, here are some great ideas of things to do in your single season!


1.Give God Your Mornings

Block off at least an hour every morning to spend with the Lord. Wake up to Christ as you’d wake up to your spouse. You may be single to the world but taken by Jesus. Let your commitment to Christ prepare you for commitment to your spouse.


2. Start or get plugged into a singles group at your church

Like I said before, surround yourself with others in the same direction and holding the same standards that will encourage you in this season- Christians who wont tempt you to compromise your faith. Also build deep relationship with those who are already around you. Romantic relationships arent the only kind worth having.


3. Invest in your God given skills

If there’s something you love doing like dancing, painting, writing, etc use this time to build and develop your passions. And you’ll also find fulfillment functioning in the characteristics Gods created within you.


4. Learn something new

On the flip side try something you’ve never done before! Learn a new language, take a dance class, how to play an instrument, para glide or try a new food that you cant even pronounce! The Groupon and Living Social app have awesome deals on things to do in your city.


5. Travel

Ok, so your first thought was “Who the heck has money to do that?” Some of you havent traveled further than your kitchen this season. Get out the house and explore some new scenes. Road trip it! Even if its just one state over. And if you want to go even further, put away $100 a month or some achievable goal and save up for a mission trip!


6. Street evangelism

This is a love of mine. Get with some friends and share the gospel with those in your city. Offer bottled waters and pray with others. You’ll be rejected, accepted and answered prayer but nevertheless the great commission is still our calling!

7. Serve/Volunteer

There’s something amazing about taking the focus off ourselves at some point in our lives and serving those in need. Go to a homeless shelter, volunteer at the pantry, volunteer in your church. Check my blog 10 ways to impact your city for more ideas —> http://brittneyamoses.wordpress.com/portfolio/10-ways-to-impact-your-city-in-2014/ 

8. Go out!

Amusement parks, arcades, movie nights, dinners, bowling, bike rides, etc. Get out the house and plan some time to get out with some friends.


9. Work on your home economics

Learn how to change a tire, do an oil change, cook, DIY projects, it will only add onto your future marriage.


10. Get fit!

Our body is a temple. This is something we can all work on (myself included). Learn new recipes and get on a diet plan. Not necessarily to loose weight but to replenish your body healthily so that it functions at its fullest potential. Exercise! My doctor said it helps you sleep deeper and gives you more energy during the day. Make healthy goals. Take a boxing or workout class for accountability. Zumba! (Tip: you can even work out in your house or running around the block. Dont go splurging money on a gym membership. Chances are if you dont work out at home, you might not follow through at a gym. Use discernment. If a gym will motivate you by all means do your thing!)


Some additional ideas:

  • Get your finances in order. Create a budget.
  • Host a girls/guys night only! Make a list of activities for the night.
  • Go horseback riding
  • Spend time at the bookstore. Read something interesting.
  • Take long baths
  • Become a missionary
  • Start your own business. (Pray about it. Seek Gods will first.)
  • Share your skills- start a workshop or blog in your expertise.
  • Learn how to make different flavored smoothies
  • Go see or become a part of a musical/drama
  • Become an advocate for whats strong on your heart and raise awareness (like sex trafficking or teen homelessness)
  • Record a cover of your favorite song
  • Participate in a flash mob
  • Go camping, hiking, fishing. Explore the great outdoors
  • Go paint-balling
  • Go to a shooting range
  • Go electronics free for 24 hours (no tv, phone, internet. Say what?!)
  • Have a meaningful conversation with a complete stranger
  • Get a passport
  • Write a love letter to yourself and open it 10 years later.
  • Write a love letter to your future spouse and open it on your wedding day. (Tear)
  • Host a movie marathon
  • Get a new pet (dog, cat, fish, you name it!)
  • Go through your wardrobe and donate your clothes
  • Read a newspaper (When’s the last time you did that?)
  • Learn how to do couponing!
  • Find your favorite poem and memorize it
  • Redecorate your house/apartment into what you love
  • Host a picnic
  • Plant a flower or garden and watch it grow.
  • Organize a neighborhood clean up

Be careful to not let any of this become a distraction from letting God work inside of you. Thats the point of this single process, to become whole with yourself IN CHRIST so that you may (God willing) enter a marriage healthily. We’re not trying to pull a mask over ourselves here or let any of these activities take the place of a relationship with God as he further develops us. Sometimes we need to hold a sign over our hearts that simply says: “Under Construction”. But dont sulk in your singleness when you were created to LIVE!

I will continue to pray for your strength and that you would see yourself as God sees you. Worthy of dying for with or without a man/woman. Amen.


Your Sister,
Brittney Moses