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Losing a loved one or being close to someone who has lost a loved one, is a devastating experience, to say the least. And yet, experiencing death is an inevitable encounter we all have either gone through or will go through at some point in this life- so it’s important to build a mentally healthy culture around how we cope through such losses. On Today’s episode, I got to sit and chat with my friend Dr. Therese about wrestling through the deeply complicated emotions of grief and loss, how to cope, how to begin moving forward and how to support someone who is in the depths of grieving.

Dr. Therese hails from Southern California, like myself, and is a Filipina- American Licensed Clinical Psychologist, self care and personal development guru. Berkely educated, this woman is a mover and a shaker with a drive for building community and entrepreneurship. Through her lens of vivacity and delight, she shares about mental health, freedom from anxiety and travel and discovery. Dr. Therese is passionate about inspiring people to explore and live braver, healthier, more connected lives.


You can connect with her further on:

Instagram: @exploring.therapy

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Show Summary:

8:06- The basics of grief: What’s common to expect and feel.

9:28- Losing a loved one to suicide

14:31- Losing someone to cancer & illness

17:00- What is the timeline for grief? When will things start to get better?

21:05- Naming the stages of grief

24:50- Dealing with complex grief & multiple losses

33:08- Proactive steps to initiate healing

37:50- How to support a loved ones who are grieving while you’re grieving too

How to support a loved one who is grieving

51:32- Struggling with your faith after a painful loss


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