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For today’s episode I got to have a much needed conversation with my friend Kait Warman about how to heal and move forward from a devastating break up. We talk about what’s common to feel after a break, what to avoid doing that may pro-long your healing after a break up and how to own your story and move forward from a stronger, healthier place.

Kait Warman is a Los Angeles based lifestyle blogger, inspirational speaker, relationship coach, online educator and host of the Heart of Dating Podcast, a top 50 Christian rated Podcast. Her mission is to empower both men and women to have the courage to own their story, walk in victory, thrive with PURPOSE, and discover clarity and vision in their life and relationships. She’s particularly passionate about the topic of relationships and has a deep hope that the dating scene can be transformed (because let’s face it #thestruggleisreal). In early 2018 Kait launched the Heart of Dating Podcast to start a conversation and navigate into the murky waters of dating with her fellow singles. She now helps hundreds of men and women on their journey through the conversations on on her podcast, 1 on 1 relationship coaching, as well as her online dating and heartbreak courses.

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Just about ALL of us endure a level of rejection at some point in our lives. It can seem hopeless and defeating. It can feel like NO one understands what you are going through… but today, Kait wants to encourage you that you CAN feel healed and resilient. Renewed hope and JOY for the future awaits. Total confidence and UNSHAKEABLE self love is possible. You can feel SEEN and fully understood and supported.

She has created a FREE resource that outlines 6 resources to HEAL from heartbreak. You can get access to this by going to Kait hopes this is offers a little bit of a virtual HUG for you in this season.

Heartbreak to First Date Program:

-In this program you will discover the complete, step-by-step process to becoming a Wholehearted, Confident, Healed Woman after Heartbreak, as you prepare to back out there in the dating world!

Kait will walk you through things like:

-Practically walking through the 5 Stages of Grief.

-Developing your own 30 day Grieving plan

-Establising healthy breakup Boundaries.

-Discovering how to actually write a brand new ending to your story

-Completing some BRAIN surgery as you work to detox your thoughts.

– Unlocking the 3 biggest ways you can start LOVING YOUR SINGLE LIFE right now!

– Get CLEAR on what you truly want in a man by working through Kait’s Ultimate Getting Clear Guide!