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Today I got to sit and have a discussion with my friend Dr. Thema about understanding the different factors of trauma & PTSD for recovery and healing. Many of us have experienced some level of a trauma that played a role in shaping our lives. And while we are not defined by these experiences, it’s important to identify the effects it may have had on us biologically, psychologically and even spiritually so that we can move forward with healthier, purposed lives. Be sure to leave a review if today’s show has impacted you in any way!

Dr. Thema is a licensed psychologist, author, professor at Pepperdine University, and ordained elder in the AME Church. Her work has been featured on OWN, CNN, BET, and Headline News.

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Show Notes

4:55- Exploring the cultural context of multiple traumas

6:38- The various coping strategies of recovering from trauma

8:50- Turning trauma around & being a gift to others

10:47- Dr. Thema’s history with trauma leading to current research

14:25- Defining trauma and PTSD

15:37- Various examples of trauma

17:41- Symptoms of trauma that can play out physically, mentally, relationally & romantically

23:32– Some coping mechanisms that can help the body and mind feel safe

28:16- Shifting the script of self-shame and self-blame

34:53- How to support a loved one recovering from trauma/PTSD

40:24– Recommended resources from Dr. Thema (New Harbinger Press)