10 Things You Need to Let Go of to Have Peace Again (PART 2)


Part 2 of 10 Things You Need To Let Go of to Have Peace Again:


6. Trying to be everything to everyone

Sometimes we get what I like to call the “Savior Syndrome”. We try to be a fixer to everyone’s problems, jump to everyone’s call and make everything work out to the expense of our health and general well-being. Not only that but naturally our priorities begin to fall out of place. We’re not centered on what’s important because we keep jumping at whats urgent. And the things that are important such as family, projects, rest, relationships, etc begin to slip through our fingers. We stretch ourselves thin so being fully effective in the things we do loses its potency. Learn how to say “no” to some things or be discerning as to what can wait so you can focus on the things that are important.


7. Overthinking

They say 90% of the things we worry about never even happen. Overthinking can become an issue when it’s centered around fear or anxiety. Anxiety is an experience of unrest or agitated worry. You’re overestimating the negative or threatening aspects of a situation while drawing away attention from the positive aspects. It can cause headaches, stomach aches, loss of sleep, and decrease our ability to focus, etc. And a lot of these fears are purely imagined or conjured up in our minds due to our overthinking. They don’t even really exist!

Nothings wrong with weighing the pros and cons as long as its balanced thinking. It would be foolish to ignore the dangers of life but its wrong and unhealthy to be immobilized by excessive worry. I encourage you to commit those fears to God in prayer knowing that He is in control, get adequate sleep, do what you can to deal with the anxiety, don’t put things off, talk to a friend, live one day at a time and put a limit on your worries. If you’re a serious overthinker, this article is just for you.


8. Grudges: The people who hurt & disappointed you

Grudges are probably the most life sucking things I know. When we hold onto our unforgiveness for others we’re actually letting them have a hold on us. It’s a bait and switch! We’re holding onto the hurt or disappointment that someones unjustly caused and overtime it even becomes a bit more obsessive than we’re willing to admit. This “enemy” may have even become a center of your life unconsciously. It begins to preoccupy you so much that it affects the quality of your relationships with others and you begin to let this individual(s) distort your entire map of life. You’re watching their posts and comparing your life. Every time you see them it rubs you some kind of way. It happens with divorce and exes, friends, church leaders, etc.

I want to encourage you to let that person go once and for all starting now. Dont live another day bound by this person and limiting the freedom of your own life and mental state. And the best way we can do that is by forgiving them. That doesn’t mean you have to trust them right away because I believe trust is earned and discernment is needed. But forgive them because they’re imperfect just like you and you only rob yourself of peace by not doing so.


9. Negativity

You cant expect to have a negative mind and live a positive life. Negative thinking always sees the worst, expects the worst and projects the worst. You always find a way to hone in on the bad and so that’s what you attract- in people and situations. You attract what you project. Then nothing in life seems right and you’re just waiting, expecting for something to go wrong. But the way you see things is in fact the problem. Its a perception issue. Things will go wrong in life, that’s just life but you have to make the decision to accept the good with the bad. The good are blessings and we can take the bad as lessons, it’s all essential for our growth. When we can think positively by seeing the best in life with the balanced thinking of accepting the reality of the bad and learning from it, we can turn any situation around for the good.


10. Old Mistakes

Holding onto past mistakes was one of my biggest plagues. It’s when we begin to define and identify ourselves by the wrongs that we’ve done that we stifle our potential. We hold ourselves to it. As a Christian it can be hard to really believe that Gods forgiven us because the real problem is that we can’t seem to forgive ourselves. But the truth is that we will not let go of our mistakes until we’ve accepted them as our past and forgiven ourselves to be free to move on from that. You are not your mistakes. You made a mistake. Theres a difference.

My hope is that after reading through these 10 habits or things that may be holding you back, that you’re really digging into your own life, being honest with yourself and letting go ONCE AND FOR ALL. Some people aren’t living, they’re just existing. They go through life chained to opinions, people, the past etc and die a prisoner with all potential locked inside. Don’t be that person. Choose freedom. Choose to be the best you you can be to live and lead effectively.

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  1. Thanks for this well-written post Brittney. So many of us are prisoners of our own thoughts without even realizing it. It is true that when we start to let go of negative thinking we are free to live a life of purpose. You’ve brought so much clarity to some things I’ve personally prayed about. I will certainly share this amazing word with those who I know will be receptive. Much success to you! xo

    Posted 7.17.15 Reply
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