11 Ways to Turn a Bad Morning Around



Ever had a morning where you just can’t seem to shake the funk? I know I have. When emotions are clouded it’s ten times more difficult to function through the day. And I truly believe the thoughts that start our day, shape our attitude for the rest of the day. But the good news is that thoughts and attitudes can be changed. You don’t have to be ruled by your emotions.

Here are a few ways to reclaim your day by reclaiming your mind:


Make a gratitude list.

The thing about bad mornings is that we’re hyper-focus on these negative thoughts. Our mind filters everything through our emotions even though there are many reasons in existence around you to be content. By making a list of about ten things you’re grateful for, you refocus your mind to see the upside of your day and begin to balance out your attitude.



Go for a walk or run.

I’m an advocate of fitness because it can be a natural healer. As a matter of fact, here are 7 ways exercise can reduce depression and anxiety. Going for a good walk or run (at your pace) releases endorphins in the brain which can boost your mood and clear your head. I personally do this a lot when I’m not thinking straight or just need to relieve myself with some sunlight and fresh air.



Soak into worship.

Worship truly brings heaven into our hearts. Not only that but songs of praise put our focus back on God’s greatness. They shrink our problems in His presence. Literally take a moment, be still, and let your spirit soak into some of your favorite worship music.



Pray honestly.

You know what they say- pray hardest when it’s hardest to pray. There’s a profound truth to this. Having a bad mood can very much result in a spiritual resistance. When geniunely reconnecting with God and letting Him have His way in us, His Spirit can break down those walls that are keeping us pent up. Know that nothing is a surprise to God so you can come as you are. Confess what you’re dealing with in your heart, ask for healing and have faith in His sovereignty.



Practice some deep breathing exercises.

When we are stressed or emotional it can shut down our most rational thinking process. By taking deep breaths in and out, it allows us to slow down and unwind. It can help to picture yourself breathing in faith and exhaling doubt or whatever it is you’re facing.



Face your emotions head on.

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to ignore or distract myself from my emotions. I know when something is bothering me and it’s hard to let it sit at the back of my mind without thinking it through. I usually use a journal to work through my internal issues. Some people can move on easier than others. But if you’re like me, consider being real with yourself.

Label what it is that you’re feeling (hurt, frustration, insecurity). Identify what has triggered these emotions. Think about why it has affected you the way it did. And literally let it be a learning moment rather than letting it shape you. Now you have more insight into yourself. Think of 2 alternative ways to positively rebound from these triggers.



Map out your day.

This can be especially helpful on those days you just don’t see yourself making it out of bed. Coming up with a game plan for your day encourages proactive behavior. Map what you should do today, create a schedule and commit to it. Making yourself step out beyond how you feel takes the power away from your emotions and sometimes that’s all you need to break away.



Eat a solid breakfast.

Never underestimate how much low moods are attributed to a stomach on empty. Our energy level through the week has to do a lot with our regular diet. Are we eating solid meals? We need nutrients to function properly. Food goes in, breaks down into smaller compounds and gets recycled into concentrated forms of energy. Get your energy up and your thinking straight by putting a solid meal in your stomach.



Change your vision.

A lot of our mood can be compensated by how we’re seeing the future. If you believe and foresee nothing but a bad day, guess what, you probably will have a bad day because you’ve already made up your mind. But you can change your vision. No, you can’t predict what’s going to happen but you can choose to think of all the other reasons why you’re going to have an awesome day. Such as, I’m going to put my best effort forward and get three uncompleted tasks done! Those are things within your control that you can give hope for a productive day.



Talk it out with a friend or loved one.

Think of one person you can rely on to pull you out. If you can’t think of one, consider joining the Faith and Mental Wellness Community– a private Christian Support Group on Facebook I launched a couple weeks ago.

Honestly, sometimes you’re just too stuck to pull yourself out. It happens to the best of us and that’s why it’s so important to have genuine community. Isolation only lets our emotions continue to manifest deeper and deeper into our minds. Reach out. Be open to support and encouragement. Let someone else help you dig out of this pit.




Stop ruminating on yesterday.

One reason why we wake up in a bad mood is because we’re replaying events in our head that took place the day(s) before. When you continue to ruminate on these thoughts in the back of your mind you keep reliving your emotions. You never allow yourself a chance to reflect, heal and let go of whatever triggered you in the first place. What happened happened but it’s a new day now. Stop ruining a new today by reflecting on a bad yesterday. Let go and start over.


Your sister,

Brittney Moses (2)





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