30-Day Freedom Journal to Let Go of People Pleasing

Do you tend to always say yes without thinking about it, rely on external validation for approval, or find yourself making choices based on what you think others want to see? 

So many of us have spent years of our lives shaping ourselves and our identities around those around us. Learning what was approved of, what was accepted, what was rewarded and what people liked, and maybe as we got older, we realized we totally lost ourselves in the process. Trust me, you’re not alone.

 I made this journal just for you- from someone who’s been there! The long-term accumulative outcomes of people-pleasing can be detrimental. It can cause us to become more and more disconnected from ourselves, lead to overwhelm and anxiety, a lack of motivation, a lost sense of self due to self-suppression, and create an unending need for validation that’s never enough no matter how much we accomplish. 

The good news is it’s never too late to break free from this cycle and come back home to our true selves when we begin to recognize our patterns and why they exist, learned behaviors can be unlearned, and we can build something new in its place.

I carefully designed this journal to help you incorporate more reflective awareness into your daily life so that you can get re-aligned with your own needs, convictions, and boundaries, break free from the constant need for approval, and practice building a life around what matters most to live with a deeper sense of fulfillment.

It’s time to be free of the fear of people’s opinions so you can live a life that’s fulfilling, honest, and confident! Amen?

You can print these pages yourself and add them into a binder or have them printed with spiral binding through your local Staples or FedEx

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