30 NEW Journal Prompts for Self Discovery this September!


Hello September!

This month is all about self-discovery and journeying to the places that make you you. When I created these prompts I specifically thought about those of you who may have been struggling with co-dependency or simply feeling lost and out of touch with your own personal identity and calling. Codependency pops up when we become so enmeshed in other people that we lose who we are in the process of fitting in with the presence of others or lack the boundaries that separate who we are as an individual from those around us. This is important because God has created you in a specific way to carry out His purposes for you and others in a way that only you can with your unique combination of experience, personality, makeup, gifts and way of thinking. If we are not in tune with the person God has created us to be, then it’s not long before we find ourselves shapeshifting into the image of those around us. So this month’s prompts are meant to guide you through self-defining some of the basic, foundational areas that guide your life. Enjoy!

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