30 Self-Reflective Journal Prompts for November

Journaling isn’t for everybody, but it has been one of my most profound methods of working through self-reflection.


  • It gives me a broader sense of self-awareness. Being able to see and understand my thought patterns, my mistakes, my emotional state only helps me grow.
  • My journal is a judgment free zone. I’m free to ride the waves of my most transparent state of mind and learn from it.
  • I can tangibly track my short term and long term goals, my health, my visions and dreams.
  • In a world full of opinions and perspectives I can sort out my own voice and grow into the individual God created me to be.
  • It’s 19834592832000 times better than venting on social media…And the church said “Amen”.


That being said, here are 30 Days of self-reflective journaling prompts you can follow this month!


CLICK here to open the printable version.




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