7 Practices That Will Grow Your Mind Every Day

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Did you know that you no longer have to remain where you are but could commit to a personal growth every day that would change your life? Of course you did. The problem is, many times we don’t invest in the one thing we’ll be living with for the rest of our lives…ourselves.

Learning is more than an experience. It’s a process that literally (and physically) re-wires your brain to function on levels you never were before. It’s called Brain Plasticity. Because you have gained more understanding it has expanded your insight about yourself and the world around you in a way that hopefully challenges you to do better with what you have, and who you are, wherever God has called you. That being said, here are 5 everyday ways you can invest in growing daily:


Read more, scroll less.

And I don’t mean your Facebook timeline. This seems like a no-brainer but common mental laziness deems that it should be said. There is so much junk out there- on our social media feeds, in our music, on TV. It’s overwhelming and I’m sure it’s killing our brain cells as a society.

However, there are so many amazing resources out there completely dedicated to growing us as leaders, equipping us with tools in business and personal development. Teachings on how to improve marriages and learning how to overcome your fear of public speaking. How to eat healthier and better understand other parts of the world. Dive into the Word daily to apply the wisdom of God to your life so that His plan would be magnified in you. I know, it’s so much easier to turn on Netflix or scroll through twitter; but if you really want to grow beyond where you are right now consider trading your mindless time for being mindful.

One of the best projects you can work on is yourself. Commit to your daily growth by reading for 15-30 minutes a day. Successful entrepreneurs are known for reading a lot. Some never finished college but they knew how to be proactive and learn what they needed by reading. This helps keep them innovated, on top of their game and makes them resourceful. But of course, you don’t have to be a CEO to pick up a book and dedicate yourself to personal growth.


Subscribe to an educational podcast or audio series.

There was a time I forgot podcasts existed. Then the Lord removed the veil from my eyes. Tuning into a good teaching, via podcast can be greatly edifying even momentarily in your day. You can pop in your earphones and gain some education while getting ready in the morning, listen in while on the way to work or even before you’re winding down at night. If there’s a subject you’d like to learn more about, search that topic in your podcasts and see if it’s a good fit for you. You might learn something new each day.


Follow your questions.

Some of us are so afraid of looking stupid that we won’t just ask or are too lazy to do a little digging when we don’t know. I think asking questions is the smartest thing a person could do. If you want to have a better understanding of something or how it works, look it up, do a little research or ask someone who many know better. You could learn and expand your knowledge on something you’ll never forget now that you know. Better yet, someone may come behind you with the same curiosity and you’ll be able to provide some understanding for them. Actually following your questions will increase your awareness of the world around you, no matter how big or how small that question in the back of your head may seem. Follow it. 


Journal into expounding your thoughts.

I know, I know, I mention journaling in just about every post, but there really is a reason why. Journaling creates self-awareness. It helps you learn more about yourself, they way you think and function, but it also helps you expound your thoughts. By venturing with pen and paper, you get to explore your heart and mind about anything you can think of. In proper context, mind wandering can facilitate creativity, innovation, creative thinking and problem solving.


Listen to understand.

When you listen to people, really listen. Step out of yourself for a moment and get a view into their perspective- your struggling friend, the anxious co-worker, whoever has had the vulnerability to open up to you. The world is made up of people and when we take the time to understand people, you in-turn learn more about the world around you. This doesn’t mean you have to agree or conform to everything everyone says. It is genuinely taking the time to see life through someone else’s lens and it will only help expand a deeper awareness of the souls around you.


Execute hard tasks.

You know, that one thing you’ve been blowing off, procrastinating and dancing circles around all day. Tackle it head on by putting your best foot forward. You may have to apply a little bit more critical thinking. It may take some research and troubleshooting, but once you’ve completed it, it will have grown you. After a few more times, you could become a pro. Challenge yourself each day by doing the hard things instead of putting them off.


Use your imagination.

I’m not sure at what stage in childhood using the imagination became un-useful because it is so key to problem solving, discovery and creativity. Sometimes as we get older it is so easy for us to become mentally stuck in one way of doing things, one way of looking at things and we don’t know what to do when old ways aren’t opening new doors anymore. I’m speaking regarding goals and innovation- not values or principals.

Step outside of your usual mental box sometimes- the one you’ve grown so comfortable with because it’s familiar- and think of two or three ways you could approach the situation differently. Try doing something in a way that you’ve never done it before and don’t be so quick to limit yourself. This is where discovery begins and if it works, it just might change life as you know it.


Are there any practices you’ve adopted that have improved your personal development? Sharing is caring! Let’s chat in the comments below.

Your sister,

Brittney Moses (2)



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