5 Ways to Refuel When You’re Burnt Out on Life


This morning was one of those days where I was just done. We’ve all had a time like this. Where just about everything that could go wrong does. You’re getting the run around of life and every other step taken forward is getting knocked back. It all starts to pile on top of each other. And you’re just tired at this point. You’re tired of trying to figure everything out. You’re too drained from your troubles to focus on getting things done. You’re unmotivated and uninspired. You’re just done.

Goodness, let me first say I fully understand. No one is immune to the curve balls and never ending valley’s of life- pastors, leaders, even the president I’m sure. But the difference between those who become successful despite all this and those who just become overtaken by the despair is the actions they take in the midst to get back!

So what happens when you have a day you’re too drained to pick up a Bible and read. When your spirit’s too down to say a prayer or call a friend. When you’re too distressed to mentally process life at the moment. Here’s a few suggestions and not necessarily in this order:


1. Listen to Worship Music– I suggest even putting together a personal playlist of awesome worship music. I have one on Spotify called “Glorify Him”. You know those songs that wreck you every time. They remind you of the greatness and faithfulness of God and uplift your soul. There’s something about the power that music has on our spirits that can alter our mood and renew our minds. So whether its on the way to work or laying down with earphones in your ears with eyes closed; blast it.


2. Eat something- Its so simple and yet so forgotten. I’m very guilty of this sometimes. Use discernment because what I don’t want to encourage is emotional eating. However, sometimes our energy level has to do a lot with the fact that we’ve been carrying on through our day without having eaten something solid. Its scientific. We need nutrients to function properly. Food goes in, breaks down into similar compounds and gets recycled into concentrated forms of energy. Drink lots of water too because it transports the nutrients and oxygen to the rest of our body. Your low energy could have a lot to do with your lack of nutrients.


3. Go Outside- You’ve been mostly inside all day. You forgot what the sun looks like. Step outside even for a moment and enjoy the surrounding nature. Take a deep breath. Look up at the sky. Feel the sun on your face and the wind through your hair. In fact, grab your earphones and take your worship playlist with you. Sometimes just being outdoors reminds you how big the world is, even how much bigger our God is and how small your problems are.


4. Talk to God- Just talk to Him. It doesn’t have to be some big formal, fancy prayer. He knows what’s going on. Tell Him how you’re feeling about everything and give Him your burdens. Psalm 33:15 confirms that He created your heart so he understands you fully. And Psalm 37:23 says He delights in every detail of your life. So it all matters to Him dearly. Then call out who He is. “You have been given authority over all of Heaven and Earth! And you will never leave me nor forsake me! You hear your children when they cry out for you! You’ve been my God since the day I was born.” What I love about the Psalms is that David is always proclaiming who God is. It puts everything back in proper perspective.


5. Do something you love- There are gifts and talents God has put inside of you that you may have not visited in a while. These are the things we naturally love to do and feel fulfilled in when doing it or watching someone do it. For some of us thats singing, drawing, writing, dancing, whatever! Invest in and enjoy the gifts God gave you from time to time even if there’s no reward and no one sees it! You’ll find it personally rewarding by awakening and bringing inspiration to your soul again. Sometimes we get so caught up in busyness that we forget to refuel in the passions that we were born with. As a young man David played the harp and continued to write songs in the book of Psalms when he became King. I believe God delights in us when we delight in the gifts He’s given us.

Hey, its okay to put life on hold for a moment to regather you. Silence your phone and get recentered. Sometimes we focus so much on production that we forget to take care of the producer. But if the car breaks down it can’t go anywhere. Take a moment of sanity each day where you’re not centered on the urgency’s of the week. Enjoy the simple joys. Be preventative against mental breakdowns. And hopefully after we’ve shaken off a moment of being stuck in the blues we can get back in our word and to our calling with a renewed passion for life again. You are a warrior!


Also check out my article, “How To Maintain a Godly Reaction in Trials.” And dont be afraid to comment below! I’d love to hear back from you.
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