6 Ways Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone Will Radically Change Your Life

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There are so many things I would have never known I was capable of had I not stepped outside of myself and just did it. This blog, for one, wouldn’t exist. You would not be reading these words right now if I became paralyzed by every insecurity about it.


Let’s be real, the unknown can be a scary place. Not knowing what’s going to happen with school. Not knowing what you’re going to do with the vision God has stored in your heart. Not knowing if you’re taking the right step. Not knowing if you should begin at the risk of failure. Not knowing if things will work out the way you hoped. It can be frustrating, disappointing and paralyzing when you just don’t know what, when or how things are going to happen.


However, when we stop resisting and start embracing our uncertainty a beautiful thing happens. Fear no longer has control over you. You adapt. You’re forced to think differently than you have been up to this point- to do things differently then you have been up to this point. You grow. You progress. You gain a wisdom that didn’t exist prior because you lacked the experience. You have entered the wonderful world of discovery.


I don’t know about you, but living wholeheartedly and letting the unknown have its place in my journey, has become a terrifying, exciting and very passionate experience. Because this is where I find out what I’m capable of and discover parts of myself I never knew existed. But it’s all about how you choose to move through your uncertainty.


Will you become paralyzed and let it confine you?

Are you willing to become flexible, shift gears and challenge yourself in ways you never have before?

Will you turn from God or will you turn to God and trust that He is working His super into your natural?


Well here are 6 ways stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing uncertainty, instead of resisting, will radically change life as you know it:


Your faith in God will grow to new levels.

I have seen God’s hand move the most in my life when I am not in control. He opens doors I never saw coming. He makes a way where there was no way. He provides beyond my expectations. When the “security” of this world and of yourself has decreased, your experience of God’s sovereignty increases. You are now in the realm of walking by faith and not by sight, which exercises your trust in Him. I want to encourage you to continue to lean into His care for you and not your own limited understanding because He is working in your life in ways you can’t even comprehend. When the security you’ve built in this world has faded, which it inevitably will, keep your security anchored in Him. He does not fail.


You will grow in new ways.

You’ve been so comfortable with operating in life as you know it for some time now. There really have been no challenges presented to you outside of what you know you can do. You like the familiar because you have control there. The only problem with operating in what you’ve been doing is that there’s no real growth taking place. You’re sustaining but you’re not progressing. Change is…so uncomfortable. It’s hard in the beginning, messy in the middle but can turn out so beautiful in the end when we embrace our way through it. Stepping into something new will stretch you to grow in areas of your life you had not acquired the experience in yet. And experience brings wisdom. When challenging your limits, don’t be afraid to grow.


Fear will no longer determine your life.

This is a big one. I can’t begin to tell you how much freedom is on the other side of fear. How much of your potential is on the other side of fear. Don’t get me wrong there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy fear. Healthy fear brings a dose of reason and helps you to take calculated risks instead of impulsive ones that will eventually do you more harm than good. Unhealthy fear will stop you from moving just because the fear itself exists. Whenever you’re on the the road to stepping out and living wholeheartedly there will always be an alert to your mind, hopefully, to think twice about what you’re doing. It’s not a reason to shut down. Lean into it. Think it through with objective reasoning- insecurity is not invited to the meeting. It is perfectly natural to feel fear- just don’t become controlled by it. The moment you step out in spite of your fear, is the moment fear is no longer making your decisions for you. This alone will change your life.


You will learn how to become adaptable.

Adaptability is the key to life. Plans will change, unexpected events will take you out of your comfort, you will lose what’s familiar to you and enter into seasons you either have never been in or have never experienced in this way. The great thing about embracing instead of resisting uncertainty is that it will teach you how to adapt. When you can get to a place where you can make the most out of where you are no matter where life takes you, you become one unstoppable individual. Because it’s not about where you are; it’s about who you are. Stepping confidently into something new will help you become fluid with change instead of hopeless and stuck. This is a necessary characteristic especially to confidently navigate obstacles. 


You will inspire and pave the way for someone else.

This has to be my favorite part. When you are willing to take new roads and learn how to navigate your way, you also cut a path for someone coming after you. Because you did it, you just showed someone else that it was possible. And somewhere down that road you might change the course of their life.


You are never the same.

This experience changes you. You now know what you’re capable of. You’ve experienced God at new levels. You’ve gained more insight. Fear no long has a hold on you. Now when fear and insecurity meets you face to face you can tell it all to step aside because you’ve already stepped across that line. That’s not to say it will all get easier or go away completely, but you will become more resilient to it’s grips. Your faith now exists at a different level of expectation because you have lived in step with it.


It’s true, when you go through change and venture into the unknown, change changes you. That can be a bad thing or that can be a good thing, depending on how you embrace it. I personally want to challenge you to lead with your faith and not with your fear. So you may be hanging somewhere in the unknown stuck on what step to take.

  1. Seek God. Pray for direction and confirmation.
  2. Use this time to put your trust in His plan for your life. At the end of the day He is in control.
  3. Instead of being stuck on doing things the way you’ve been doing them all this time, explore different ways to meet your goals. Be willing to step out and grow from it.
  4. Don’t let fear be the reason you’re hindered and and don’t let fear decide what your life won’t be.
  5. Be willing to become adaptable and operate in ways you never have before. It will build experience and insight for you.
  6. Understand that when you step out, you’re showing others it can be done and in-turn dissolving some of their own fears.
  7. You will never be the same. And that can be an amazing thing.


Your sister,

Brittney Moses (2)




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  1. Antwan wrote:

    I have read your new post (6 Ways To Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone Will Radically Change Your Life). Change is never easy and sometimes it can be scary. You provided some great information and insight on this topic. Well said!

    Posted 8.28.16 Reply
  2. Rachael wrote:

    I needed this! Great post! I love the question about turning to God instead of away from God. It’s so easy to stay in our comfort zones.

    Posted 8.29.16 Reply
  3. Elizabeth Marshall wrote:

    So much truth packed in here. It is so hard to step out of the comfort zone and into the unknown. That fear that God won’t be out there in the unknown and away from my comfort zone has gotten to me so many times. Thank you for this reminder!

    Posted 8.29.16 Reply
  4. Carrie Anderson wrote:

    I can personally attest that these 6 things do happen when we step outside of our comfort zones. It’s always painful, but always worth it!

    Posted 8.30.16 Reply
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