Comparing Yourself Lately?


In a social media, podcast-driven world where everyone’s life is in everyone’s face we need to find a healthy balance in our receiving minds.

We look around and this persons ministry is advancing, this person just got married, they’re having a baby, their finances are on the up and up, accomplishments are overflowing on the highlight real of our friends and acquaintances life and the danger of an insecure mind is that it will instantly inflict you with how well you’re not doing. How far you’re not going. How much your life is on a standstill and just doesn’t amount to that. You begin to believe that maybe God is handing out blessings and promotions to everyone but you. And slowly, you slide back to the sidelines because you just weren’t meant for this.

Maybe you begin to model what they’re doing and maybe even the way they do it because well, hey, its working for them.

Well I’d like to take the time to politely and ever so graciously encourage you to:


Just stop focusing on where other people are going and start focusing on where God is taking you! Comparison is the enemy of potential. The bible says “Turn not to the right hand nor to the left…”. Stop looking around and look straight ahead. The enemy wants you to retract. He wants to get you at a place of hopelessness for your life. But He is a liar. I shot a bow and arrow the other day for the first time in a long time and I remember specifically closing one eye and focusing my sight directly ahead to aim right on point with my target. I can’t get distracted and look around while I’m shooting or I’ll miss my mark!

Dont miss the mark of where God wants you in life by focusing so intensely on everything around you. God wants you to hit your target! The moment you focus your energy and aim strictly on the direction of God, is the moment you will begin to see Him advance in you because you are stepping in line with His plan for you. And stop trying to model everyone around you. Be original. God created you the way He wanted you because your personality and passion will resonate with those He’s called you to. There is power in authenticity. Your authentic life will set someone free. Stop robbing others of you. Spend time getting to know yourself. Learn your own voice and focus on growing in His plans for you.

Love your sis,

Brittney Moses

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