How Faith & Therapy Can Integrate Into Mental Health Care

This is an important conversation from an Instagram LIVE replay where I was joined by my good friend Dr. Holly Oxhandler for a necessary conversation on how faith and therapy can integrate in our mental health care safely and ethically. So many gems of information were dropped here!

Today we touched on the following topics:
– Should Christians should only see a Christian therapist and why or why not? (And the skepticisms around therapy for believers)
– Why mental health care providers should be considering clients’ religion/spirituality in mental health treatment
– Some examples of integrating faith in mental health treatment
– What are the boundaries of therapists and faith leaders when it comes to addressing mental health or theological issues?
– and a great Q&A from some of our viewers

Trust me, you’ll want to watch the whole thing. So let’s dive in!

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Dr. Holly Oxhandler is the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and an Associate Professor at Baylor University’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work. She studies religion/spirituality, health and mental health, and is especially interested in whether and how mental and behavioral health therapists discuss their client’s religious/spiritual beliefs in treatment. 

Disclaimer: The views shared here are respectively held by each individual and not a replacement for personal advice from your clinician or therapist.

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