I Don’t Know What to Read in my Bible?!

Lets face it, the Bible is a big book, rich in content and variety. You’ve got the new testament, the old testament, the prophets, names you couldn’t pronounce if someone paid you and books like Zephaniah that no one secretly has a clue about or even knew existed.

So where do we start when we’re new in the faith or have been reading the Bible for years and don’t really know where to pick up again? Some do the old, open the book to a random page, close your eyes, throw your finger on the page and whatever you land on must be meant to be! I mean, no matter where you land there’s new revelation to be learned. That’s the beautiful thing about having such a living word that’s God-breathed. However, if you’re looking for some more structure in your reading to develop some consistency in your walk with God here are some things you can try doing:


Begin with the book of John

I especially recommend this for the new believer. If God is leading you to read the entire Bible from cover to cover by all means go for it! The reason I suggest starting with the book of John is because the gospel is the central plan of God for humanity that the entire Bible foreshadows and directs to all the way back to Genesis. Really any of the gospels are great because it is the salvation of Christ and who He is that shows the ultimate theme of redemption for all of us. Its passages are deep but clear and get us familiar with the life and ministry of Christ. There’s always something to take away from the life of Jesus for new and mature believers alike.


Get on a Bible Reading Plan

Seriously, do this. Bible reading plans are fantastic because they are already cut out readings scheduled to keep us on track. Not only that but you can search them by topic. So maybe you’re struggling with something specifically or you want to learn more about what the Bible has to say about anger, forgiveness, marriage or leadership. Well, getting on a Bible reading plan that already has the verses planned out for each day can bring great consistency and structure to getting in the habit of reading on a daily basis. Im a big fan of reading plans and thank God for the technology where we can find and download these online or simply follow along through a Bible app like YouVersion.


Know the difference between reading and studying

Sometimes we trap ourselves into thinking every time we read the Bible we have to do this wildly in depth study with a trillion pages of notes. Realize that there are times to study and there are times to just soak. In the morning’s I usually read just to be poured into without requiring anything of myself but to hear from God in relation to my own life. However if you’re looking for ways to study the Bible in times you want to dig down deep check out my article 4 Simple Steps for Studying the Bible.


Select a Book of the Bible and Read One Chapter a Day

This is just another way to break down our reading into a consistent flow. And the reason I say one chapter a day is because that really gives us the capacity to digest and meditate on what we’re reading. Sometimes when we’re reading large amounts it’s so much intake that we literally forget what we just read. So take books like 1 & 2 Kings with the story of David, Romans, Corinthians, Judges or any others that fascinate you and dig into it day by day one chapter a day. It will give you a full and well rounded understanding of the person and themes of that book.


A little bit of Psalms and a little bit of Proverbs

Nothing like a little bit of P&P! Psalms is filled with praises and uplifting truths about who God is in our lives while Proverbs is packed with profound wisdom. Whew, that’s a lot of P’s! But seriously, I definitely recommend to get a daily dose of both each day just a chapter or two at a time. YouVersion even has a Psalms and Proverbs 31 day plan for this if you’re interested. It will revitalize the way you look at life. I remember asking my grandfather what kept him so youthful, because he has the energy of a teenager, and he said “I read my psalms and I read my proverbs!” True story.


Get with some friends or your spouse, collaborate on a book to read together and share your insights

I love this idea because I’m such an advocate for fellowship and growing with others in Christ. Not only do friends in Christ keep us accountable but they provide different outside perspectives we may not have seen ourselves. And you might be thinking, well I don’t really have any friends I know who would read the Bible with me.

A couple things on that. 1. You need to start putting yourself in an environment that will foster like minded relationships so you have people walking with you. Church is a pivotal place to start. Get involved in a small group! The best way for me was actually volunteering for ministry alongside other believers. Get out there! 2. Consider getting involved with Unashamed Impact. That’s what we’re all about. Bringing together young like-minded believers from all walks of life all over the world. Get some accountability. It’s not God’s will that we be isolated. And find a reading partner!

Hey, we all get stuck sometimes but its not all as complicated as it seems once we determine ourselves to grow spiritually and mentally for the sake of our lives.

Dont be a stranger! Comment below and lets talk about it. Was this helpful? Do you have any other suggestions? Have you decided to commit to anything listed above?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Your Sister,

Brittney Moses (2)



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