Is Being “Color-blind” Really Today’s Solution?


I’m going to keep this nice and short. I’m born and raised in the melting pot of Los Angeles where every type of person exists. I come from a family of all shades. I am a huge advocate of diversity.

I don’t talk about race much because I’ve always seen people as souls, the heart of who they are inside. But I’ve noticed many times we try to stay shy of the stereotype of being “racist” in today’s society by trying to throw a blind fold over our obvious differences to the extreme of acting as if they don’t exist. While we have every intention of seeing people simply as people, like myself, is the approach of being “color-blind” really going to be a solution in helping relate to people; especially in ministry where we’ve been called to reach all people?

I personally don’t think we can genuinely counsel or minister to people with “color-blind” ideology. And very simply…here’s why.

Separating someone from their culture is ignorant to what’s fostered shaping them. Our culture is a natural part of our make-up! So choosing to be colorblind is still a form ignorance. What we should be able to do is be mature enough to agree on the fact that we can embrace the beauty of our cultural differences and unite in appreciation rather than act like it doesn’t exist as a “band-aid” solution. THAT’S the whole beauty and purpose of differences. It forces us outside of ourselves to learn to understand something we’ve never experienced.

The goal should always be to embrace, to understand and never to overlook, ignore, or judge.

Brittney Moses


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