My New Book “Worthy” Releases July 26th, 2022!

GUESS WHAT?! I’m officially releasing my FIRST BOOK next month with Dayspring publishing! 🎉

It feels wild typing that. But I have been behind the scenes writing away and IT’S HAPPENING!

“Worthy: 50 Mindful Moments to Bring Peace and Clarity to Your Day” is the book that I’ve been wanting to read. With the over saturation of today’s culture, I wanted to create something that was light and refreshing to read, while still being clear and impactful, faith-inspired and integrated with helpful psychological tips and insights to reset each day with a grounded mind and spirit.

This includes a daily devotional, affirmation and a mental health journal to pause and check-in with yourself before the demands of the day.

This has truly been a labor of love and one that I hope will help others feel a little more grounded, more refreshed, more aligned, more clear and more at peace within each day.

So here’s to starting our days with intention, clarity, confidence and a sound mind. Amen?

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Hi friend, Im Brittney and Im so glad youre here! Im a Los Angeles-based author, content creator, podcast host, fiance to Jason and mama to Austin. And Ive been blogging here for the past 10 years! As a graduate of psychology and research at UCLA, I help to reduce stigma and assist with helpful information at the intersection of mental health and faith, with some fun lifestyle tips along the way. So lets dive in!

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