My New Book “Worthy” Releases August 23rd, 2022!

GUESS WHAT?! I’m officially releasing my FIRST BOOK this summer with Dayspring publishing! 🎉

It feels wild typing that. But I have been behind the scenes writing away and IT’S HAPPENING!

“Worthy: 50 Mindful Moments to Bring Peace and Clarity to Your Day” is the book that I’ve been wanting to read. With the over saturation of today’s culture, I wanted to create something that was light and refreshing to read, while still being clear and impactful, faith-inspired and integrated with helpful psychological tips and insights to reset each day with a grounded mind and spirit.

Through a beautiful simplistic design, and short, yet impactful, messages of peace and clarity, along with inspirational quotes and mental health trackers, readers will be able to declutter their minds, check in with their mental health and focus on how to show up with intention for each day. 

This interactive devotional will help you to:

  • Practice a more grounded, internal sense of security
  • Realign with your values and convictions to show up confidently as your true self
  • Refresh your faith with the hope and peace of God’s word
  • Develop the tools to better cope with anxiety and overwhelm
  • Redefine the necessary boundaries for your overall mental, emotional, and spiritual health

This has truly been a labor of love and one that I hope will help others feel a little more grounded, more refreshed, more aligned, more clear and more at peace within each day.

So here’s to starting our days with intention, clarity, confidence and a sound mind. Amen?

Preorder WORTHY on Amazon!

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