The 7-Day Anxiety Detox E-Series is Here!


Anxiety is real.

Always fearing the worst that could happen.
Struggling to grasp peace of mind.
The insecurity that rules your relationship.
And the battle to trust God through it all.

It’s so easy to accept our anxious thoughts as truth because they feel real. Separating what we feel can seem impossible in the moment. Our faith is choked out by fear. Our reality is shaped by this fear. It soon becomes our natural response. And we begin to wonder how we’ve lost ourselves to our own minds.

Obsessive over-thinking and ruminating on fears to the point that it disturbs your everyday well-being, are a very common reality if you’re struggling with anxiety.

And the truth is, it can happen to anybody.

It’s happened to me.

From the outside looking in, many might think a mental disturbance, like anxiety, is something you can just get over. Something you can pray away or snap out of. It’s true, prayer is a necessary factor. But for many who truly struggle with serious anxiety, it actually takes learning how to reshape your thoughts. The Bible calls us to renew our minds (Ephesians 4:23, Romans 12:2). 

But how do we do that?

This is where Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can provide assistance. CBT is a therapy tailored specifically to help change unhealthy patterns of thinking or behavior into a restored, healthy mindset.

I’ve created this e-series because I wanted to provide others with the same therapies and spiritual foundation that I’ve studied, and that has helped see me through the grips of my own anxiety.

Yes, recovery is possible for you.

And no, your life does not have to be held captive by fear anymore.

This 7-day detox is designed to help restore a healthy, biblical mindset by walking through your thoughts, exchanging fear with faith and providing practical tips for maintaining a sound mind.

How this 7-Day Detox is designed to help you.

Each day, for the next week, you will receive a devotional on what the scriptures say about combatting anxiety. These devotionals also integrate practical self-help therapies from the Cognitive Behavioral perspective to make it useful for you. It’s great to be inspired but it’s helpful when you can apply it. So you will have real tools for real life.

My goals for you:

  • To gain a personal understanding of how anxiety is operating in your life.
  • To release and renew your mind through the healing truth of God’s word.
  • To take away practical coping methods for daily self-therapy.Anxiety Guide Ad (2)
  • To aid your recovery process and equip you with further resources.

This Includes:

  • Self-Therapy Guides for journaling through anxiety.
  • A list of resources including how to find a Christian Counselor near you.
  • A 21 Day Mental Wellness calendar with daily practices for spiritual growth, self-care and mental health.
  • and more!

We are going to destroy this stronghold.

Are you ready to kiss anxiety good-bye and reclaim your life?! Let’s do it!

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