The Biggest Lesson God Taught Me This Year…


God has really been keeping me lifted these days. I mean, literally, I’m writing this from 40,000 ft up in the air. Austin and I are on our way to yet another big move. I was so sure I’d NEVER leave Los Angeles, the city I was born and raised in with all my friends, my family and my home church which became my heart. Then God lead us to move to Dallas as a family. Some of you might remember that transition as you were a great support in helping us transition. In Dallas God answered my prayers and I was rapidly surrounded by many, many beautiful friends who became a family and soon thicker than blood. I grew so rich in love and joy through these God-extensions I called my friends. They blessed my life and still do. We’ve all been through everything together. Two years into the move to Texas our family took a split and I found myself in a season I’d never navigated before as a single mom. God immediately stepped in like the faithful Father He is and held my hand and provided all my needs. He guided me in grace and in strength holding together all the pieces of my heart. All the ideals I painted for my life slowly slipped through my fingers and He began a whole new work on the inside of me. Being alone can become life-changing when you turn it into being alone with Christ. Then the door opened for me to have the support I needed for the opportunity to go back to school and continue pursuing my Psych degree. I knew God was leading me, but it meant I’d have to once again let go of everything I held SO dear in Dallas.

We got to the airport in time for a little breakfast date!
Bye bye Dallas! *tear*
Bye bye Dallas! *tear*


Long story short, the best way I can summarize not only the past year but most of my life up to this point is: Change, change, change and more change. And I’ll be honest with you, it hurts. Every time. It’s not an easy process. There’s nothing pretty about the things you’ve held onto so dearly being pried out of your hands. And for a while that’s all my life felt like…like sand slipping through my fingers. Everything so temporary, so ever-changing, so out of my control.


And that’s how God taught me my biggest lesson: Let Go.


Stop trying to be in control all the time and be ready for God to take the wheel. Change is never easy, you know why? Because it means you have to get ready for something new. New means unfamiliar and unfamiliar is scary. We’re scared of the unknown or the road less traveled. We don’t know what’s down there or where it will lead. It’s beyond our comfort zone. We don’t know if it will be better than what we’re giving up for it. We don’t know if we have what it takes to get there. There’s so many reasons why we just can’t let go and let God be God. But if there’s one thing I’ve noticed it’s that no matter what I go through He has always been an anchor. He NEVER left me. So it hasn’t become where I’m going half as much as it’s become trusting the One who’s leading me there. I love writing and sharing these things with you guys because I know I’m not alone in the twists and turns of navigating this life in Christ. And most importantly I want you to know that you’re not alone.


So here’s what I’m trying to say. LET GO.


Let go of all your ideals.

Here’s what I’m not saying. I’m not saying to get rid of all your goals or expectations and assume an irresponsible faith. It’s healthy and productive to have a standard to aim for. In fact the Bible says to wait expectantly…but on the Lord. What I am saying is, stop holding onto your plans and ideals of “how things should be” tighter than you hold onto God. Remember my last post “When You Feel Like God Isn’t There for You”: Sometimes God will allow our plans to fall apart so His plans can fall into place and we have to be ready to embrace whatever that is for our GOOD without being bitter or despaired by it.



Stop trying to be in control of everything.

Admit it, you’re a control freak. If things don’t go the way you pictured it in your head you get stressed, you get frustrated, you just can’t handle it! You have become the god of your life, you are the master of this chessboard, you make your own moves and the moment things get out of your hands life is against you. Instead try starting your days off with the words I attempt to commit myself to daily, “Father I give you my life to fully rearrange as you see fit for your glory.” And mean it! Don’t forget He has GOOD plans for those who love Him. No matter what happens eternal perspective says it will all work together for your good. Don’t be afraid to leave the results of your work to Him. Let go of the reigns and start learning to walk by faith.


Let go of your life.

Whoa, whoa let me clarify before this quickly escalates in the wrong direction. And this really ties into everything I’ve stated above. In Luke 17:33 Jesus says, “Whoever tries to cling to their life will lose it; but if you give up your life for my sake, you will find it.” This is one of those ohhhkayyy, verses. What’s up with the reverse psychology Jesus?

What’s really happening here? Well for one lets be clear, you’d make a terrible god. So would I. We get things wrong, we drop the ball, we fail, we make the wrong decisions. If we left our life to US, in our frail and flawed human hands, we’d be far more jacked up than we already realize we are with Christ. But still we continue this power struggle with God over who gets the say over our lives. Life in our hands is on a natural road paved with self-destruction. We will lose it. But if we would just humble ourselves enough to realize we can’t hold everything together, trust God is who He says He is and hand our lives with all its plans and expectations over to God, he can turn it into something much better than we could ever put together for ourselves. He is the master of the universe who knows all and see’s all, therefore He can align things for our BEST in scope of the future. We gain so much more by letting go of our lives and holding onto the God over our lives.


I saw my dad at the airport and instantly fell into his arms in tears. He’s been covering me with a fathers love that has been EVERYTHING in this season.

Can I be honest with you, I use to be terrible at letting go. The moment I felt myself losing control I tried to hold on to things even tighter, fighting to make things work out for myself. But experience after experience God soon made it my nature to just…give it up. Let Him do His thing! He is on my side and I can rest in that. I’m encouraged as many of you tell me how strong I am. As much as I’d like to say it’s because I’ve had to be, I know it’s only by the sustaining power of Christ that’s kept me. And the same power that rose Christ from the dead lives within you and will sustain you too.

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  1. Clifford Cooley wrote:

    This is an amazing life story, I can see Abba all in this. To let go means to leave all you have known and enter into this new place (Abram) from the outside looking in all that seemed to be lost, the Lord is giving beauty for ashes, let it burn

    Posted 7.14.15 Reply
    • Thank you Clifford! I couldn’t agree more. God is totally in all of this and I’m humbly grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond!

      Posted 3.10.16 Reply
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