The Great Commission of a Mother and Wife


Let’s face it, being a wife and a mom isn’t always the most glamorous of jobs. In fact, when you’re walking around with spit up on your clothes, pulling sippy cups out your purse, wearing the same yoga pants three days in a row and underwear sniffing before throwing in another load you soon begin to realize your life truly isn’t your own. And not only that but on the surface of it all, who in their right mind would consider themselves “called” to something like that?

Many of our deeds go unnoticed. Our milkshake now brings toddlers to the yard, which by the way you’ll be thoroughly cleaning up later. We’re not necessarily the forefront of the mission field although if you’ve been a mom just for a couple days you’ll soon find its as mission field as mission field gets.

A friend of mine, who’s much more of a mentor and spiritual mom to me as she’s older than me and has gone before me, would tell me again and again, “You’re house comes first. Its is your first ministry.” I knew this and I understood this. And then God began to work in me and reveal more and more to me about the importance of motherhood and being a wife in His great plan for the universe. You see, when we look at the mundane day to day things sometimes its frustrating and sometimes other “bigger” opportunities seem more enticing. But I want to take the time to highlight why the call of a mother and the call of a wife is probably one of the most critically important callings in God’s plan:

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