Things to do in Santa Barbara from our Date Day: Food Tour & Coastal Sailing

Guys we did a thing.

We decided to have a little fun and bring you along our date day in Santa Barbara in my latest vlog!

For about three years now Jason and I have made date day a priority every Friday and it’s something we always look forward to after a week of hard work. Both of us tend to get really zoned into our work so it always feels nice to know we’ll have a moment together to break away, catch our breath, and be present again. Plus it’s something we’ve committed to just to continuously grow and explore and have fun in our relationship through the years! Sometimes we get to plan more elaborate outings like this and it’s always worth it.

Santa Barbara is just about an hour’s drive from us so it always makes for a great day trip/mini getaway in the summer!

It’s a beachside city with a rich Spanish and Chumash Native American history, Spanish architectural style buildings with white stucco walls and red tile roofs, and plenty of different shops and restaurants to visit along the way. I honestly don’t know how anyone gets anything done here. It feels like a perpetual vacation with island vibes. Last time we just enjoyed strolling through the streets, without any plans, exploring the different landmarks, and a rental beach bike ride along the way.

This time we decided to plan some activities in advance before California re-shut down in light of COVID19. We honestly almost rescheduled our plans and after making a couple calls and messaging with the different coordinators and businesses we were visiting, felt a bit more comfortable about the precautions they were very intentional about taking with visitors in compliance with being outdoors, wearing masks and continued social distancing (as you’ll see throughout the vlog).

That being said! Our first venture was a 3-hour guided food and wine tour with Eat This, Shoot That. I know a 3-hour walking tour sounds lengthy but it didn’t feel that way. Time flies when you’re having fun and we took a lot of rest stops at the various outdoor dining places along the way. We were able to discover restaurants that we wouldn’t have known about and learned historical facts about the city that we probably would have walked right past on our own. That’s the beauty of the tour.

We loved the food selection at every single dining place we visited. Everything was so delicious and pre-ordered for us so all we had to do was show up at each place and eat (#winning)! The touring company was so wonderfully organized and hospitable. I’m not going to go through every restaurant because you can view the full experience in the video below!

Following our tour, we made a reservation in the afternoon with Santa Barbara Sailing Center for the most magical coastal cruise. This was the perfect way to wind down (and digest) and escape the world for a little while on the ocean. Captain Spencer steered us out about an hour away from shore to the middle of the ocean, and then turned off the motor, hoisted the sails, and let the boat drift along the waves with some jazzy coastal music. That is what I call ocean therapy my friends. We could all use a little vitamin sea, if you know what I mean.

I would highly recommend this experience as a must for anyone visiting and now I can’t ever picture us going to Santa Barbara without adding this to our list of things to do.

He’s pretty cute, I think I’ll keep him!

I wanted to keep this as concise as possible and leave my latest vlog to join us for a wondrous date day trip! But of course, all of these things would be so fun to do with family or friends. Be sure to let them know we sent you! =)

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