Work Is Worship


Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. (Colossians 3:23 NLT)

As an employee, student, ministry worker, etc it is our job to display the excellence of the One we serve.

How would your work be done if God was your boss?

Would you be lazy, gossiping about co workers, complaining, have an attitude or do a half way job? What would it look like if you reported to God and He took an account for your work daily- if He gave your grade or assessment. How would that change the way you operate, your attitude or the quality of your work? And if you work for yourself, guess what? That’s right! You’re still working in service to the Lord with your every day attitude in all tasks.

In the same way we’re called to work as if working directly for The Lord. Although we submit to bosses, teachers and leaders our first submission is to God and everything else follows. Because not only does diligent work and faithfulness lead to greater successes but it also serves as another opportunity to give God glory. When your boss sees that you work at a capacity much different than others or your teacher notices your outstanding diligence we can point to The Lord and say we represent an excellent King.

Look at your everyday work as worship; using your skills to reflect the One who gave them to you. See it as another opportunity to please The Lord. He DELIGHTS in a hard worker and is just as concerned about your work life as anything else. Every detail of your character matters to Him. No matter what you do whether it seems significant or not, give it all you got! If all Christians operated like this the workplace and campuses of the world would thrive because of the character and work ethic of Gods people. We would leave our mark on everything we touch. So I have to ask, how are you representing the One you serve in your day to day job to those around you? Think about this as you head into your week and what changes that may look like for you, then watch the results. Work as if you’re working directly for The Lord and represent Him well.

Your sister,

Brittney Moses


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