31 Journal Prompts for Renewing Your Mind this July!

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Hello July!

For this month’s journal prompts we’re focusing on exploring the areas of our mind that need renewing and journaling through this reconciliation.

I wanted to spend the first half of the month, reflecting, breaking down and looking into some of the thought patterns we’ve deeply held onto for so long that they may have been shaping false views of yourself, others and your faith. Then I wanted to use the closing fifteen days to build on reconciling these processes and begin to understand and practice renewing the mind. I’ve set it up this way because just as God determines to make the crooked path’s straight, it’s important to go back and understand any crooked thinking that needs to be straightened out so we know how to move forward.

It may touch some areas that you have blocked off for some time and it’s not my intention to re-trigger any pains. However we cannot correct what we do not confront- and the breaking down is only meant to rebuild with a healthier foundation. Consider that some of these questions may be something you want to go through with a friend, counselor or pastor who can help support you in this journey of renewing your mind. Enjoy!

(Ps. Don’t hesitate to connect with me on Twitter or Instagram about how these prompts have been working for you so far! I love hearing from you.)

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July Journal Prompts


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