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Why this blog exists:

Over the course of young adult ministry, heart to hearts with many of my friends, leaders, and the responses I’ve gotten since starting this blog, I’ve come to the understanding that so many of us are struggling at the intersection of our faith and our mind. We are bio-psycho-spiritual beings- body, mind and soul. It all works together. If your mind is off track, your spirit is off track. If your spirit is off course, your thoughts and attitudes are following right behind. No one is immune to the battle of the mind and how it interferes with our faith or can ultimately hold us back from our calling.


This blog exists for you if:


1. Your mind is at constant war with your identity, and it’s hindering you from confidently fulfilling your purpose.


2. You struggle with insecurity, anxiety, depression and emotional disorders.


3. You’re determined to develop exceptional lifestyle and mental habits for healthy living.


4. You need something that will encourage you to maintain an authentic walk with Christ. 


5. You just need someone who gets it and won’t judge you for being human.


I don’t write about these things because I’ve walked this out to perfection. I write about these things because this has been my story, I walk it out every day, and I’ve learned a helpful thing or two a long the way. You can read more about me just a little ways below.
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About me:

I have one cause, and that is the individual. So my educational journey at UCLA in pursuit of Clinical Psychology through the therapy and mental health field continues primarily with the goal to act in partnership with the church and public health for youth and young adults. I’m aiming to play a role in the therapy, prevention, education and treatment of individuals who struggle with emotional problems, life crisis, and behavioral and psychological disorders. I’m currently a research assistant with CAPPS within the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Behavior at UCLA. I’ve also been certified to help facilitate Recovery Support Groups in my city with NAMI (the National Alliance of Mental Illness) for those living with a diagnosis or mental condition.

The purpose of this blog is likewise to advocate wholehearted, mental wellness for every day living!


I love writing, reading, fitness, theater, and all things Jesus! Thanks for joining me on this journey! I’m a contributing writer to The Christian Post, The Huffington PostWhole Magazine, Project Inspired, and To Save a Life.Brittney Moses (2)




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